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The Question

Laser Rejuvenation by Cherie at ACA is dedicated to offering the best, safest and most effective skin rejuvenation therapies around. Most of these offerings do come with some dos and don’ts, to ensure the treatments achieve maximum effectiveness and safety for the client. Unfortunately, sometimes people goof. They forget, they lose track of time or they think “Well, just one little afternoon in the sun won’t hurt.” Of course, this isn’t always the case, as with the Ask Cherie Question of the Day. This patient asks, “I just got a sunburn after CO2 laser. What do I do?”

The Answer

Cherie says we all slip up from time to time. It’s easy to forget instructions in the crush of daily life, and this is even more true when the patient feels basically okay to begin with. However, what many patients forget is that laser therapy affects the lower layers of skin, potentially making them far more sensitive to sunburn. This sensitivity can range from mild to severe, and when coupled with prolonged sun exposure, can result in extreme sunburn including blistering, redness and severe pain.

To deal with sunburn, especially following laser therapy, Cherie says the best treatments are:

  • A cold compress. This helps keep the skin cool, moist and protected from further exposure or irritation. In addition, the coldness of the compress brings the skin temperature down and helps reduce redness and inflammation due to sunburn.
  • Aloe vera. One of nature’s miracle cures, the gel-like sap of the aloe vera plant is known to soothe burns of all sorts. It also has antibacterial and cooling properties, and may actually help improve skin, including wrinkles. 
  • Silver Biotics Silver Gel: Made by American Biotech Labs, this proprietary formula helps hydrate and replenish the skin using a special 20ppm, or parts per million, solution of silver. Cherie mentions this brand by name as one she knows and trusts to deliver great results for patients.

After a sunburn, Cherie says patients should wait at least three weeks before their next round of laser therapy. This is to ensure the underlying skin has time to recover from the trauma of the sunburn and any aftermath peeling has resolved fully before delivering added tissue insult with more laser therapy. Also, giving the skin time to recover means less likelihood of unnecessary skin pain, redness or peeling after the treatments. 

As with any other cosmetic procedure, laser therapy does have some risks and a low but real possibility of side effects. The likelihood of risks and side effects is amplified by improper aftercare, including intense exposure to sunlight, environmental and habitual factors and patient error. It is always a good idea to be very diligent and vigilant when planning one’s activities after cosmetic treatments, to obtain the best results and minimize the possibility of post-procedural problems. However, in most cases where complications or difficulties do occur, basic first aid and keeping in contact with the clinical staff can help prevent these relatively minor complaints into major or even catastrophic issues.

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