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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Do you have some unwanted hair on your body that you have tried to get rid of through waxing or shaving and you just weren’t happy with the results? Both of those methods can be very painful, and they don’t actually keep the hair from coming back. That’s why many people turn to laser hair removal as a way to get rid of hair and give themselves soft, smooth skin.

What Is Involved with Laser Hair Removal

The laser used in this process is not painful at all. This is actually a very common cosmetic procedure, and people of all ages have it done each day throughout the US. Highly concentrated light is beamed into the hair follicles, and that light is absorbed by the hair pigment. This kills the hair quickly. There is no slicing or cutting action, which is why you won’t feel any pain on your skin as the process is being performed.

You may need to wear special protection for your eyes during the procedure, and Cherie will need to prepare your skin so the laser can penetrate to get to the hair follicles under your skin. Because of the delicate work involved, it is important that you choose a trusted, accredited laser surgeon. Cherie is fully trained and licensed and has years of experience in performing this minor procedure.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The most obvious reason to have your hair removed by laser is that it effortlessly destroys hair follicles in a way that is free of pain and very simple for you. You just lie back and let Laser Rejuvenation by Cherie do all the work. You don’t have to apply any creams or waxes or use harsh razors on your skin.The process is incredibly easy for you, and that’s why most people choose this over other methods of hair removal.

It is also incredibly safe. You may experience some slight blistering or burning on your skin following the procedure, but that is completely normal and expected, and it can be treated with ease. The recovery time is much less than with other hair treatment methods, so even with the minor discomfort, it still comes out on top as the best hair removal method for most people.

Cherie will also be able to judge the results of the hair removal process as it is being performed, so you can get the best results each time without having to come back for unnecessary additional visits.

What to Expect

Cherie likely will not be able to remove all the hair with a single visit. You will probably have to come back for some follow-up visits over the next few weeks, but the smooth skin you will be left with will make it well worth it.