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There are many reasons your skin might not be as firm as you would like it to be.  Sun exposure, wind, gravity, genetics, smoking, age and other factors can play havoc on your skin, eroding the elasticity of the collagen which keeps your skin flexible and giving it a loose, aged appearance. 

Until a few years ago, facelifts were really the only reliable way to tighten up the skin of the face and neck long-term. However, advances in radio-frequency treatments now offer noninvasive ways to more or less replicate the same effects of expensive cosmetic surgery, with fewer side effects and little or no downtime or recovery pain. 

Laser Rejuvenation by Cherie at ACA uses radio frequency tissue stimulation to combat the ravages our skin reveal. By targeting the dermis, or the lower layer of the skin tissue where the living skin cells reside, radio frequency tightening heats and breaks up fatty tissue which may make the skin appear loose, saggy or lax. As the skin warms, it also constricts, creating a more aesthetically pleasing contour.

This sort of therapy is also great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead or around the mouth area. As the skin tightens and the underlying fatty deposits are broken up, lines and wrinkles tend to shrink and align with what the skin around them is doing, helping you present a fresher, younger, healthier-looking face to the world.

Radio frequency tightening is often a good choice for people who have not responded well to other skin rejuvenation treatments and regimens, such as lotions, creams and Botox, or who are concerned about the potential risks and side effects of invasive surgery. While radio frequency tissue tightening is not ideal for every person or every situation, many people who find other treatments have either not worked or are not viable options for whatever reason have gotten great results from it. 

Before undergoing radio frequency tissue tightening, Cherie will give you a consultation, skin test and evaluation to fully understand your situation and determine if this procedure is right for you. This helps ensure you get the maximum benefit from the treatments and walk away feeling like you’ve gotten your money’s worth, as well as setting reasonable expectations for the outcomes you should anticipate and defining the limits of what this, and other cosmetic treatments, can and cannot do.

Like any other cosmetic procedure, it is important to follow all pre- and post-treatment directions and suggestions given by your provider. We also strongly encourage patients to educate and inform themselves about how the procedures they are considering work and what their risks, benefits, drawbacks and limitations are. While RF skin tightening has a great track record with exceptionally low risk of side effects, it’s not the best choice for every person, skin type or situation.  

As summer gets into full swing, Laser Rejuvenation by Cherie at ACA wants to help you look and feel your best, whatever your summertime plans have in store! That’s why we’re offering a deep discount on RF skin treatment packages for the face, lips, cheeks, neck and décolletage. Normally a $2,599 value, you receive eight RF treatments for only $1999, a savings of 24% over our usual package pricing! 

The package includes:

  • Preliminary clinical consultation and skin evaluation to make sure RF skin tightening is right for you;
  • Eight treatments; 
  • After-treatment recommendations to ensure you get the maximum benefit and longevity out of your treatments

Obviously, just like summer, these prices won’t last, so we encourage you to schedule a consultation today! You can also learn more about RF skin treatments and whether they might be right for you at, as well as links to the rest of our great lineup of products and services. 

Summer’s here, and it’s time to enjoy it. Be sure to put your best face forward and your best you out there, whether you’re hitting the beach or the bricks, heading to Disney World or hanging in the Keys. You want to look and feel your best all year long, and Laser Rejuvenation by Cherie at ACA is here to help!